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  • We are Top Rated on many great travel sites.We have been doing our best to keep the authentic experience as guests said.

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  • The vedio shows the features of Zhuang, Miao, Yao minorities etc in Guangxi Province, especially the sweet vioce of singing filling the ear and the gorgeous landscape.
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  • The vedio just proves the motto: Guilin has the best mountains and waters under the heaven, but Yangshuo is even more beautiful than that of Guilin.
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Welcome to the Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel!

Yangshuo Hidden Dragon Villa is a green hotel devoted to protecting the environment and traditional Chinese culture, as well as helping its guests to have a memorable experience in Yangshuo, Guilin. It is located near the Big Banyan Tree scenic area. With a pleasant hotel atmosphere, a beautiful legend, the perfect location and elegant architecture - in the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties - the hotel offers both the picturesque Roof Garden Restaurant and a variety of excellent services. The Hidden Dragon Villa hotel should not be missed as you travel the Yangshuo area.

A Beautiful Legend

Yangshuo has long been considered by the people of China to be at the heart of a 'natural' paradise. Legend is that many years ago an old dragon also heard about the region. The dragon escaped from heaven and came to Yangshuo. So attracted by one river in particular, the dragon stayed for a time at its ancient bridge. But one day it happened that a local farmer took the dragon by surprise. The dragon was startled and flew away, never to be seen again. Very quickly, the story of the encounter spread throughout Yangshuo County. Later on, the people named the bridge the Yulong Bridge because "Yulong" means "Meet the dragon." They also named the river Yulong. The Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel is situated at the place where the dragon is said to have disappeared. Even so, some people say that the dragon still remains here to enjoy the river and to protect the beautiful countryside, and that it brings luck to the people who live here. This is why the people around our countryside hotel are believed to lead very happy lives.

The Perfect Location

Situated in the stunning and peaceful countryside, the Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel is just 5 kilometers from the town of Yangshuo and 1.5 kilometers from the beginning of the super highway to Guilin Airport. This is just far enough away from the hustle and bustle, but still close enough to be convenient for travellers. From the Roof Garden Restaurant, or the gate of our hotel, or even from many of the windows in our guestrooms, you can see the Yulong River ( Yulong means "Meet the dragon") flowing serenely among many rice paddies and bamboo forests. Also closeby are such attractions as the Butterfly Cave, Camel Crossing River, the Big Banyan Tree, Jian Shan Temple and Moon Hill, to name a few, which are all very easily explored. Our hotel is the perfect starting point for many things to do such as: hiking, cycling, caving, kayaking, bamboo river rafting, rock climbing, drifting on the waterways, learning to cook traditional Chinese food, watching cormorant fishing, shopping or experiencing the Impression Liu San Jie Light Show on the Li River.

Elegant Architecture

The Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel is a charming village hotel decked out in traditional Chinese culture. In this distinctive hotel, it is easy to enjoy replica Ming and Qing Dynasty architecture by way of its old wooden 'gates' (doors), its grey-green bricks, creatively-designed cornices, a traditional courtyard, carved wood-flower windows, wall murals, adornments and furniture. The decorative details contain much traditional Chinese culture and have interesting stories attached to them. This unique hotel features 14 guest rooms with comfortable, traditional beds, and fabulous views through the big, bright windows. By staying here, you will have the unique opportunity to experience first-hand traditional Chinese culture, as well as to get closer to the natural side of China. A stay at the Hidden Dragon Villa Hotel is guaranteed to provide you with an unforgettable experience during your travels through Yangshuo County.

Great Dining

Surrounded by a stunning view of the majestic and serene mountains that dominate the local landscape, the Yulong River and rice paddies, the Roof Garden Restaurant and its Wine and Tea Bar offer a variety of Western and Chinese dishes, lighter snacks and desserts, alcoholic beverages and teas at reasonable prices. Whether you are staying with us, or just passing through, the Roof Garden Restaurant is a great place to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Yangshuo - maybe even take pictures! Usually in the daytime you can glimpse water buffalo grazing, bamboo rafts travelling along the Yulong River and local farmers cultivating their fields. In the summer, in the evening, you can relax under the stars and listen to the frogs and crickets serenade you. With the variety and quality of food and beverages offered, dining here is both a culinary and scenic experience.

Excellent Services

The staff here are eager to provide you with the best services possible, including the arrangement of all activities and travels to and from the hotel - guaranteed to be offered with a big smile. Our keen and friendly staff are always willing to help you improve your Chinese language skills and help you to experience authentic Chinese culture. By staying with us, you are sure to get a memorable tour of Yangshuo and the surrounding areas.
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  • Please protect our beautiful environment and cultural relic for sustainable tourism development during your travel in Yangshuo China.
    Thank you for your effort on Ecotourism & Cultural tourism !
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